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Sometimes we struggle with life, with difficult powerful feelings and emotions. We may feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, have self-esteem issues or experience the pain of loss or bereavement. All of these issues can upset our emotional balance and sense of wellbeing.

If you feel unhappy with the direction of your life or your life choices, both your mental and physical wellbeing can be affected. Emotions can also affect our feelings of contentment, happiness, self-confidence and engagement with family, friends and society.

You may be thinking about counselling and wondering if it will help. Counselling can help and can address specific issues, help to resolve conflicts in your life and restore emotional balance. It can also develop your self-awareness leading to enhanced personal growth helping you to feel more energised, confident, assertive and empowered.

Making the decision to begin counselling can be very daunting.

Taking that first step to start counselling could be your route to develop new perspectives, re-awaken your inner strengths and find a new way forward.